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I'm back!!!!


My computer is back up and running, my files intact, orders taken care of and my life is back in order!!!! What a nightmare!!!!

We owe Brian big time! He figured it all out, told me what I needed to do, how I can avoid it happening again, and spent a lot of his own time helping. Thank you again Brian!

Now I've got half a terrabyte of hard-drive space at my fingertips too, mwahaha. Bring on those high-res image files!

My Aunt Hilda and Uncle Bill have been staying with us the past few days and we are having a nice time. She made us chocolate chip cookies, and took us out to dinner at the Columbia restaurant here in town (yummiest Cuban food! Plato Vegetariano!). Her friend is getting married and they are in town for the wedding (as well as vacation, hehe). Right now they are at the rehearsal dinner.

Orlando Organics brought my first organic produce delivery yesterday - holy cow! Spinach, strawberries, chard, tomatoes, celery, mango, avacado, apples, oranges, ginger root, radishes, green onions, bananas - I forget what all they brought. Yay! That was too cool - they brought it right to my door.

I've been painting a BIG commissioned portrait of several pets! A total of three rabbits, a chinchilla, a birdie, and a doggie with a couple of faeries in there too, hehe! I've been working hard on it all day yesterday and today and it's coming along nicely! It's pretty big so it's hard to show it all at once on my webcam, but you're welcome to peek in on me (I'm painting the doggie's face right now) HERE on my webcam. It is a private commission, so it won't be available as prints, but you can at least peek, hehe. I love painting animals - it was kind of fun trying to situate several different species all together for one portrait!

Back to work I go.......
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