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Good morning!

Good morning! Looks like another pretty day out today =)

I've been autographing & personalizing prints this morning, trying to catch up on email (I've fallen so far behind on non-order-related emails, but I'm trying!)

Now I'm going to paint though - I'm working on the piece with the warrior girl in the dragon's lair with big piles of treasure - it's going to be pretty darned cool......you can peek in on my webcam HERE!

After she's finished, I will have a couple of new projects, the first being a very large custom commissioned portrait with a lot of pets in it (rabbits, doggy, chinchilla, etc.) - ought to be fun!

My Aunt Hilda & Uncle Bill are arriving tomorrow - they will be staying with us during their trip to Orlando (her friend is getting married) - so I'm going to have a full house again, hehe!

It's fun having Amber & Chris live here - Amber's helping out with packing up orders right now, lol. They have found an awesome apartment just a couple blocks away and will be moving in next month, but in the meantime they're here with us! Amber has been applying to a lot of cool jobs - mostly outdoorsy nature/park ranger type positions. There seems to be a lot of that stuff around here.

I signed up for "Orlando Organics" today! Thank you jaimeee for mentioning it - I never knew it existed! Basically they get fruits and veggies from local organic farms, and bring you bags of it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. At first I thought it seemed a little pricey, but then I realized that I probably spend that much on fruits & veggies at the grocery store anyways, and this way it'll all be organic and will help support local farmers. Probably a lot tastier too. It's kind of neat that it might be different stuff each time - sounds like fun!

All right - off to paint!!!
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