Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Paintings, prints & a new LiveJournal Community!

Hey everybody!

First off, a LiveJournal user (lovepurplexo) has created a fan community here at LiveJournal for people who enjoy my artwork! (I'm so flattered! A community about my art, hehe!). Just a place to chat and stuff about my art, that type of thing. I thought some of you might be interested in joining up there - feel free to post or comment there whenever you like and to introduce yourselves, etc. - I'm sure that I will pop my head in there from time to time as well =) The community is here: jasmineb_g I'm just tickled that there's a community about me, hehe!


All righty! First and foremost, I've finally finished up the lovely painting of the silvery haired runecaster..... click below to see her.....

"Casting the Runes"

I'm so happy with how she turned out - I love the glowing circles around her!!

And then I have a couple of MINI PAINTINGS! It's a Friday night (very slow on eBay typically) so who knows - you might be able to grab one (but as usual, I apologize if they have already sold!)......click the titles to see......

"Pile of Runestones"

& "A Skeletal Swashbuckler"

And then I have finished up a couple of #01 edition hand-painted canvas prints - you can see them here.....

"Gathering My Forces" Lt.Ed. Canvas Print #01 & "Bringer of Lightning" Lt.Ed. Canvas Print #01

And THEN I have some great new SALE prints - the 8"x10" sizes are just $10 (usually $13.99) and the big 12"x16" prints are just $20 (normally $29.99). To see ALL of my sale stuff, click HERE, or to see each one individually, click below:

"Bringer of Lightning" 8x10 & "Bringer of Lightning" 12x16

"Gathering My Forces" 8x10 & "Gathering My Forces" 12x16

"Eyes in the Underbrush" 8x10 & "Eyes in the Underbrush" 12x16

Whew! I am beat! I might try to tackle some emails yet, but soon I will have food and rest and wine, hehe! G'night all!
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