Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Happy Sunday!

I apologize for being away from LiveJournal for a little bit - I tried to look back through the last day or two, but LJ seems to be having server issues - so if there's anything important that anybody posted for me, just contact me directly!

I've been trying to spend a little time with Matt's mom while she's staying with us! We went to a little town called Cassadaga, FL yesterday - it's an old Spiritualist's camp from the 1800s - we went to a cafe and some neat bookstores and stuff there. We thought maybe about getting a reading or going to a séance, but it was all pretty expensive, lol - maybe some other time.

We went and saw the new Star Wars - I won't give any spoilers but - I loved it! I wasn't really into Episode I, but I liked Episode II, and the third one was better than both of them.

I am in a painting mood right now (but then again, when am I not?) - I might either start on a new big painting, or else (since it's getting late in the day) do a few mini-paintings - I'm not sure yet. We are going to be having a movie night tonight (my mother-in-law brought some movies for us to watch, and we have popcorn and veggie dogs), but I might squeeze a few hours of painting in before that. Whatever I do, you can peek in on my webcam to watch my progress - HERE!
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