Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
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New Paintings!!! New Stuff!!!

I am working out my painting hand this week! So many ideas..... so little time....

I've finished the large painting I've been working on - I'm very pleased with how it turned out....... it's kind of scary though, hehe......click below to see........

"Gathering My Forces"

(and you can probably tell, Matt named that one, lol!)

and then I have two little MINI paintings - try to grab one while you can:

"A Bunny for Company"


"Portrait of an Undead Pirate"

And then I also have the #01 first hand painted limited editon canvas print of "Séance" - Click Here for the Séance #01 Canvas Print!

and it's also on sale in the open edition photo prints - Click Here for the Séance 8"x10" prints & Click Here for the Séance 12"x16" prints!

Now, off to work on some custom paintings and maybe hit some emails.........
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