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busy day...

matt and i went to kachina's house last night (amber was there too) and heard all about their trip. other than the obvious car problems, they had a lovely time. we stayed until two or three in the morning, and at that time matt realized he was out of gas (argh!). we woke up james and they got some from the gas station (he had a gas carrying thingy). we didn't get to bed until after five am anyway. i ended up sleeping until eleven this morning (sigh). we went to Costco (god, we go there a lot!) to purchase my mother's birthday gift. in addition i surprised matty by getting a Nintendo Game Cube system with Luigi's Mansion (which we had both decided we wanted from the start). we came home and played until matt went to work. i finished the next two Tattooed Fairies i had been working on, along with another fairy painting. i don't have the gumption to scan them right now, but i'll stick them up here soon. tomorrow morning we are having my mom's birthday party at kachina's house (i'll need to stop for some groceries tomorrow morning - we're making mexican food for her). then tomorrow afternoon i have to work my shift at the rainforest cafe. the next morning i'm going to my grandfather's birthday party at my mother's house, and that evening we might go do something with annie and her matt. busy weekend.

my aol stock is going up pretty steadily today - i'm going to hang onto it for a while longer though, i'm hoping it will do good things in the near future. matt and i are thinking of renting a car for our upcoming trek to florida. our other vehicles aren't in tiptop shape (we're a little worried especially after sisters' car problems) and we don't really want to put the extra hardship and miles on them. we'll see. i'm tempted to sell both the safari and the camaro and use the combined money to buy a halfway decent vehicle for once. hell, i've only driven my car FOUR TIMES since i graduated from college LAST DECEMBER! i feel silly paying $20 a month in insurance when i never ever drive. i'd like to have a jeep, so when we go out west and visit the canyonlands we can actually go on the "4-wheel drive/SUVs only" sections of the park. i'd also love a Chrysler Atlantic, but it is only a concept car as of yet.

i went ahead and took some sleeping pills this evening (i haven't taken any for several weeks) so that i will hopefully fall asleep before 5am tonight - i should definitely try to get some rest since i've got a million things to do this weekend, and i've only been averaging maybe four hours of sleep a night for the past week or so. matt washed our green comforter the other day, and our "studio sized" washer/dryer decided that it wasn't up to washing it, rather it ripped out a lot of the quilting threads. so - we put it in the dumpster. later today when we were coming back from Costco we saw somebody putting it in their truck =)

i got six emails requesting custom paintings today - i'm crazy-busy. i've got tons of pieces to mail on monday as well, and i spent almost an hour cataloging all my info in my records today. i had a few more people ask to join my mailing list today, and i had eight pieces of random "fan mail". i'm thrilled at all of the business, but sometimes i feel like unplugging my computer and hiding. it's hard to keep track of all of my customers and everybody who emails me with questions but i try my best to answer all my mail on an individual basis (nothing is yuckier than a form-mail reply). i think that being self-employed can sometimes be somewhat of a liability - if i'm ever at home and not working, i feel like i'm being lazy. of course, being in a basic one-room apartment (however temporarily) doesn't help - no matter where i am i see my unfinished paintings, art supplies, and my computer looming ominiously.

i love kudzu vines (the generally hated weed that has engulfed the southern half of the US). they will cover a whole hillside sometimes, choking out everything in the way. if i ever decide to go crazy, i will live in this kudzu eaten house. so, if i ever seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth - you know where to find me.
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