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Queen of Bones ..... NEW PAINTING!!!! (And "Briseis and the Copper Dragon"!)


New stuff, new stuff!

First off, I have FINISHED "Queen of Bones"!! It turned out glorious, I love it I love it! Click below to see her........

"Queen of Bones"

It's even prettier in "real life" - very subtle tones and detail....

Let me see.... what else do I have......

Oh yes - the commission I was working on the other day - I got the "okay" from the customer to sell prints, so here goes......

"Briseis and the Copper Dragon" Lt. Ed. Canvas Print #01 &

"Briseis and the Copper Dragon" Open Edition $10 SALE Prints!!!

And then I have all kinds of prints for my new Alice painting.......

"Alice and the Dormouse" Lt. Ed. Canvas Print #01

& "Alice and the Dormouse" 8x10 $10 SALE Prints

& "Alice and the Dormouse" 12x16 $20 SALE Prints

Now for a little rest, I am so beat! I'm going to relax and maybe have some food. I might paint a little bit though later, lol - I have too many ideas for my hands to keep up with.........
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