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New Painting & Prints & Other Stuff!!!!!

Whew! What a busy day I have had!!!!!

Let me see.......

first of all I have FINISHED the Alice in Wonderland painting, and I am so pleased with how it turned out!!!! It's so incredibly detailed, one of those things that really has to be seen up close to be appreciated. Since it's so large & detailed I've stuck it up in my eBay store for a fixed price (don't worry though, I will have prints available asap)- you can see it by clicking below.......

"Alice and the Dormouse"

Doesn't it make you hungry?

And then I have some NEW #01 first edition hand painted canvas prints up for auction - click the titles to see.....

"Gothling #10"

"Arrival of the Damned"

& "Reading Mother Nature's Journal" (watch out, she's naked!)

And then I have some of my new paintings on SALE this week as prints.... click below to see.......

"Reading Mother Nature's Journal" 8"x10" ($10)

"Reading Mother Nature's Journal" 12"x16" ($20)

"Arrival of the Damned" 8"x10" ($10)

& "Arrival of the Damned" 12"x16" ($20)

You can see all of my current SALE prints here:

Jasmine's SALE Prints!

All right! I'm off to try to catch up on LJ a little, and then maybe get started on that RPG character commission........
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