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Hey everybody!!!!

Yay!!! I got my shirt samples today from The Mountain (the company that makes my shirts) - they are uber-cool! Woohoo!! Wonderful colours, wonderful printing, great shirts, made in the USA, great tie-dye on the tie-dyed ones, man they are cool! I'm wearing one now, lol. I will probably order a bunch very soon, so I can sell them myself. In the past two or three days they've been popping up all over online and in half a dozen eBay stores too, it's really neat. I also have been getting emails from stores and people who've seen them at stores - how exciting =)

Let me see - what've I been up to - I've been working on a commission "off camera" (all day yesterday) - I'm sorry, webcam viewers, lol. I'll probably start on a new original later today - I'll post when I start on the webcam.

It's another beautiful day outside - we have the windows open as usual =) We're supposed to have thunderstorms tonight.... we'll see. It's supposed to be clear this weekend, for which I am glad - we're going to the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom at Disney World with Kachina, baby Theodore, Daddy & Robin (my dad & stepmom) then. They'll be here on Friday!!! Daddy & Robin will be here for a couple of days and then I think they're going down to the Keys, but Kachina's going to be here with us for a couple of weeks and then she'll fly back. Her sister-in-law Heather (I guess she's my sister-in-law-in-law?) will be here for a week during that time too, hehe! That'll be a lot of fun!

Also exciting, my other sister Amber & her husband Chris are moving down here!!!! They'll actually be living with us for a month or so (June/July) at first since the place they're moving into is still being built. They'll be right here down the street (literally, the same street) that we live on - that's so exciting!!!!!!! My closest family right now is about 1250 miles away, so it will be sooo nice having them here. Yay!

All right - I need to finish up on another commission (I did the painting, and now it's time for the computer/graphic design part) - I'll post here when I start a new painting. I might start the new pirate one I keep talking about....maybe.....
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