Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Ah, making prints. Pushing buttons and waiting. I have new paper for my prints - it's a slightly heavier stock (it was on sale, and for Kodak Premium paper it was an excellent deal) with full gloss and it looks very, very nice.

When Matt gets home this afternoon we're going to the post office. We were going to go on Monday as usual, but I had forgotten about MLK day, so I've got about 20 things to mail since it's piled up. Ugh. It's snowing outside - not hard, but it's sticking. It's 5 degrees outside, but later on today it's supposed to get up to 11 degrees =P ::rummages through her dresser looking for her shorts::

There's something about my printer making prints that makes my kitties run around and be wily. They keep running precariously close to my prints that are drying, and I have to shield them in case a stray piece of fur flies near...

Due to popular demand, I'm working on my CafePress shop - I'm getting a "Premium" one (with unlimited items and special products and customizable storefront), so I'll have t-shirts, tote bags, all sorts of stuff with my paintings on them. I am constantly barraged with requests from people wanting my artwork on merchandise, and I don't have room to do silkscreening (though I'd like to) so I'm going do do it the easy way and use CafePress. I've used them lots of times for personal use, and I've always been satisfied with their quality and service. They are basically drop-shippers (so my merchandise store will be completely separate from my art prints store), and they handle all production and shipping and customer service. They have a standard price for all of their items, and whatever markup you decide to put on them becomes profit. I don't expect to make much money on it (I'll only mark things up a couple of dollars), but it should be fun. I'll post a link when I get it all set up.
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