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New Painting!!!!!

Happy National Library Week, everybody!!!!!!!

So, to celebrate, here's a naked fairy reading a book, lol!

Click below to see.................

"Reading Mother Nature's Journal"

PLEASE NOTE: This is rated PG-13 for artistic nudity!

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out - it's even cooler in person ;)

I know it's a little later than usual today, hehe - today we went to the Renaissance Festival in Tampa! I wanted to make sure we went today, since it's the last weekend of the season. Oh man, we had so much fun! I met Ed Beard Jr. - what a cool guy, we talked with him for a long time. I bought one of his mugs with some pirates on it, lol. It was "chocolate weekend" and they had a wide array of free samples and all things chocolate. We had a lot of other stuff to eat too - they had a surprising amount of vegetarian choices. And I drank a ton of mead, hehe. We saw lots of great acts and patronized (is that the word I want to use?) many vendors and artisans (I bought stuff, in other words!) Next year I'm going to try to get a booth there, I'm going to start planning now. It runs for seven weekends, and it's not too far of a drive to do every day..... we'll see - I'll keep you updated! It runs from Late February through Mid April.

Now though, it's back to work! I'm going to be working like a crazy person all week. Starting next weekend I have family coming to stay for the next couple of weeks straight!

Off to perhaps make a light dinner.........
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