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Good evening, all!!!

I've had a busy busy day of working today =P

I finished a commission (I think some of you were watching me paint - it's the one with the candies!) - it turned out really well, I've just scanned it and sent it to the client =)

I also worked hard on some new hand-painted canvas prints to auction (these are the FIRST of each edition)....click below to see them........

"Tiki Twilight" CANVAS PRINT

"Purple Ribbon Fairy" CANVAS PRINT

& "A Ferret and His Fairy" CANVAS PRINT

and then I have some great new print SALES going on! To see ALL of the SALE prints, just click here: JASMINE'S SALE PRINTS!!!

Or individually, just click on the titles below:

"Purple Ribbon Fairy" 8"x10" $10 & "Purple Ribbon Fairy" 12"x16" $20

"Tiki Twilight" 8"x10" $10 & "Tiki Twilight" 12"x16" $20

and then since it's getting to be that time of year, hehe, my little "Taurus" 8"x10" $10

All right - I'm off to fix some dinner! Whew! I've got some new original paintings coming up next - I'll post here as soon as I start one so you can peek in on the webcam =)
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