Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

So some guy named Matt kidnapped me.......

he shoved me in a van against my will and took me to the edge of civilization (in literal and figurative terms) down to Key West...... ;P

And now I'm back, and working like a madwoman, lol!

We stayed here: http://www.avalonbnb.com/ - it's gorgeous, right by the ocean, and also right on Duval Street (hehe, if you've been to Key West you probably are familiar with Duval Street - it is to Key West as Bourbon Street is to New Orleans!).

Actually kind of work-related - I took many many reference photos for paintings, etc. We went to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory and I took sooo many butterfly photographs. That was the coolest little magical place I've been for a long time - a greenhouse walk through with sooo many butterflies flying freely. Gorgeous!!!! Also checked out some galleries, and also looked at some storefronts that were for sale as potential galleries..... (the real estate prices down there are through the ROOF though, lol!).

I also went to the beautiful "above ground" Key West Cemetery and got some GREAT cemetery photos, which will no doubt show up in some paintings very soon....

And we did a bunch of other stuff too, went to Ernest Hemingway's house (which is owned and occupied by about 60 cats of his, or their descendents actually....). And we went to the East Martello Museum specifically to see ROBERT (we thought about YOU smallgirl!!). And we ate and ate and drank and drank.

And now I'm back to work =P

My internet connection at home has been dodgy at best - I think they are working on the cable lines again. I've tried to post many times already! And then I keep having connection issues while I was trying to get all of my website orders & eBay orders from the past two days together - talk about a headache - ick! I think I've finally got it all sorted out now. I've done a layout approved for a commission and I'll be working on it later tonight or early tomorrow depending how much paperwork I can get done tonight.

I hope all is well! I've tried going through LJ and I think I'm pretty well caught up - I hope those of you who are sad are soon happy, and that those of you who are happy continue to stay that way =)
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