Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!!!

Good morning!!!!

Yesterday was a lot of fun (well, other than the paperwork/email stuff =P).

We went to the Celebration Art Festival! It's always neat going to the events here in town. Every time I go to an art festival it always makes me want to have a booth in one. I didn't do this one this year though since only 10% (or some other low percentage) of your display can be prints, all of the rest has to be originals, and I simply don't ever have that many original paintings on hand at any given time. I know, I should try to keep more laying around, but of course seeing as art is my (and Matt's) only source of income, it's kind of difficult to find time to paint that many original paintings without offering them for sale right away! Right now I think I only have one eBay store listing for an original left ("The Handsome Frog") other than my traditional auctions, which obviously I couldn't bring to an art show or gallery since they're up for bids, lol. I saw so many artists there with often dozens of original paintings sitting around - I couldn't imagine having so many pieces of my own work in my posession! I guess that's one of the big differences between an artist who sells primarily online and an artist who sells primarily at shows, etc.

Speaking of shows, the EBSQ Self Portrait Show is up and running! You can see the entire show HERE - there are some awesome entries - what a huge turn out! Check out Erika's Entry - wow that lady can draw!!!!

I of course had to enter this one, hehe (how could I not, it's a self-portrait show! Not to mention my art's on the banner, lol). I painted Tiki Twilight specifically for this one - you can see my entry HERE!

Voting is for EBSQ members, and the winner gets a $100 gift certificate at MisterArt.com (::drools::).

Let me see - I'm getting ready to paint right now - I'm working on the painting with all of the hedgehogs - I'll definitely be finished today! It's turning out so beautiful (and ADORABLE) - I can't wait to show everybody!

You can watch me paint HERE!

I'll also be working on a candy themed painting commissioned by a candy store. I might even be able to finish that one today - we'll see.

And then there is another big project I'm working on that will probably take the next couple of days - it will be "off camera" so I might be scarce on the webcam, so watch me while you can ;P

Off to work!
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