Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I've had a strange day, nothing really odd happened, it just felt strange.

I did a little work on a 36"x48" commission - I'm still in the sketch phase, I think it is going well. I'd like to finish it reasonably soon - since we're moving soon and everything! I need to buy the canvas - they run almost $100 for a stretched 36"x48" artists canvas. Part of the reason I charge $1200 for ones that big is that the material costs are quite high! Not to mention the shipping and crating etc.....

I have some other commissions on a waiting list - I'd like to get this one done so I can finish the others before we move, I don't want to take the risk moving partially-completed paintings across the country =)

I fell down some stairs last night, and I scraped my knee and hurt my ankle pretty bad. My right ankle is kinda weak to begin with since I broke it when I was young and never had it set, so I'm staying off of it for now. Luckily since I'm an artist I get to sit down when I work!

Ah, at least we have diet Vanilla Coke. That makes me feel better. I'm getting hungry... I thought we still had some Boca vegetarian smoked sausages, but I guess I already ate them all =(
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