Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


So, yesterday my computer crashed......


It's okay now though, the wonderful foxmagic came and re-installed Windows XP, so it's up and running again. I still have to move all of my files over (I now have my internet browser and AOL at least, lol, so I'm able to update!). But it all turned out being a good thing, it convinced me to upgrade my hard drive - now I've got about 300 GB (gasp!) of hard drive space!! Which compared to my previous paltry 60GB, is quite impressive. Woohoo!

Luckily my files are all backed up and everything, so it's not a disaster. Always a scare though! So - just a friendly reminder to everybody out there - always back up your files! I have mine backed up everywhere, hehe, even in safety deposit bank vaults. Even in safety deposit bank vaults in other states, hehe - seriously, I am that paranoid ;)

In the meantime though, I have been painting! I still need to re-install all of the webcam stuff, probably won't have that up until tomorrow, but don't worry it won't be long. I have finished a custom painting, started a new "Unfinished Painting" to put up on eBay, and then I'm most of the way through a brand new piece for my "dragon" series - this one is of an albino girl and an albino dragon - it's really neat, and hopefully (if I get my scanner, auction stuff, and photoshop moved over in time) I will have her up and ready to post tonight!

Back to work!!!!!
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