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I'm back!!!

I'm back from my trip!!!!

Did you miss me? ;)

What a fun time we had! The first night we all stayed at my sister Kachina's house (got to see baby Theodore and Kachina's husband James!), my sister Amber & her husband Chris were there, and James' sister Heather, and my dad & stepmom Robin - we had a lot of fun, good food, Easter egg dyeing, playing games, etc. We stayed the night and woke up to Easter baskets of goodies!

Then we went to my mom's house (got to see little Theodore hunt for eggs in the backyard - so cute!!!) for more Easter festivities, got to catch up with cousins, had my Aunt Laurie's birthday party, all kinds of fun stuff. And later after that we went to Matt's mom's house for her birthday - Matt's sister Sarah was there with her husband Chichi, their baby (our niece) Cielo, Chichi's brother Goyo, and his little daughters Ana and Jasmine. Matt's mom made all kinds of good vegetarian food (Sarah made some awesome Mexican food too!).

Then we stayed the night at Amber & Chris' house, and got up the next day to go to my dad's house (also got to see the new house he is working on - pretty cool!). My grandma came down from St. Joseph and we all went to the Kansas City Zoo - it was really nice weather that day too, so us wimpy Florida people weren't cold, lol. Then we went to Matt's mom's house again and then after that we went my sisters & their husbands (and Theo) to Fuddruckers for veggie burgers.

And then the next day we drove back home =) The van did great - it's perfect for vacations. And it gets TWICE the gas milage that our old Dodge Caravan got, despite being much larger, lol. It must be a lot more efficient, which is cool - we didn't spend near as much on gas as I thought we would. I always think road trips are so much fun, I like seeing all the different parts of the country. Man, people in the South and in the country in general sure love their waffles, don't they? Every single exit on the highway has at least one Waffle House, and sometimes two or three, lol.
All right, now I have to get back to work =P I turned off all of my vacation notifications on my website, eBay, email, etc. Still got a lot of emails to catch up on, but not too crazy! I tried a couple of times to catch up with LiveJournal, hehe, but there's just no way - I'll just have to jump in and try to keep up from now on, lol.

I have sooo much work to do! Aaah! This always happens when I go out of town for a couple of days. I have two custom paintings to paint - a cute redhaired fairy with dragon wings for one customer, and then a candy themed fairy for a Canadian candy store client! I'll be working on them both on my webcam =)

And then I have a whole SLEW of originals I of course thought up while I was on vacation. Some really cool ideas ;) I'll be starting on them very soon too. I'll probably get at least one custom painting finished first though before I begin - at any rate I will be working on my webcam HERE!

I also have a ton of prints that will be on sale probably tonight - a lot of my new ones. I'll post about all that stuff later - I'm antsy to paint!
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