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See you real soon.....

Hey Kansas City people - I will be seeing you guys very soon!

Brian - thank you so much for checking in on things while we're gone!

We got ALL of the orders shipped out today!! I did get some last minute payments, hehe, and still squeezed them in =) Yay!!

This will be my last post probably before we leave - I have so much stuff to do before we go tomorrow! I updated http://www.strangeling.com with my "vacation" notice. I updated my eBay store with the "I'm on vacation" notice, had the vacation alert inserted into all of my auctions/store items, and turned on my AOL - "Sorry, I'm not in" email autoresponder.

Please - feel free to bid and buy stuff up at eBay or at my website while I'm gone - I will be back on Thursday the 31st and will get everything then, it's not so long of a delay actually (some people/companies only ship once a week anyways, lol, so I think a lot of customers might not even notice!). I probably won't get to do much LiveJournal or email stuff while I am gone, but if there is an absolute emergency (I can't think what it would be, but if it's something important) just email me with "EMERGENCY" or "IMPORTANT" in the subject line of the email. That way I can at least check in on my cellphone to get the message if it's important. =) I will try to make a post or two while I'm gone, too, to let you all know what's going on, hehe!

I'd better get packing! Have a great weekend everybody!!!!!!!
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