Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Goooood morning! Happy Spring/Ostara/Equinox!

We had such fun yesterday! Took a break and went to nymphie & synthestatic's house, for their Equinox party!!!!! Celebrating spring, etc. Lots of yummy food - springtime foods like fruits, strawberries, asparagus, stuffed grape leaves, all kinds of yum. And also Boca veggie burgers on the grill, hehe. We bought stuff at Michael's - different coloured and patterned papers and wooden eggs - we cut up the papers and decoupaged them onto the wooden eggs to decorate them, it was a lot of fun! All of it we did outside in the backyard with all the birds singing and flowers and lizards, it was idyllic for spring.

We stayed late watching TV, new Simpsons, a National Geographic special on "Hogzilla" (which seemed to have been greatly exaggerated), etc. What a fun time!

Now though, I must work =P I'm finishing up my Tiki self portrait - I'll probably finish it in the next hour or two - and have it ready to post tonight! You can watch me paint HERE!

And after that I'm going to start a new pirate piece, or maybe a fairy painting. Or maybe a new Alice. Ah, who knows?

Yay!! Got another Click-N-Ship notification from BPAL!! A 5ml of Bon Vivant and a 5ml of New Orleans. Haven't tried either of them, hehe, but they sound good to me. This, strangely enough is for my 02/13 order. I still haven't received a C-n-S for my 01/25 order, but the Lab folks told me it's still being worked on, so it's not lost or anything at least, hehe. They just don't arrive in the order I placed the orders in, but in a way that's kind of exciting, mixes it up a little bit.

All right - off to work!

:::EDIT:::10:37am:: Oops! Just realized I need to run to the store real quick! BRB and painting!::::
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