Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I'm sorry that I didn't update yesterday - I spent all day long (yes, all day) answering emails. Seriously!

I'm more caught up, which feels good =) Still some to go!

I need to buy some new brushes - mine are all so fuzzy it's terrible. I have literally one brush that I can paint a straight line with, all the rest are so fuzzy they all look the same! I'll probably go do that before I paint!

I need to start on my self-portrait for the EBSQ show!!! I've got it laid out in my head, but nothing yet in paint. I need brushes first, hehe. Also I MUST paint some new tiki art! When I was answering my emails yesterday I ran across so many requests that I do more tiki themes, and more PIRATE themes! I can't believe how many people asked about those - answering them all in a row really reminded me, lol. And then I woke up and read an article about how Disney is commissioning Shag to do some paintings of the parks for them, and that brought out those tiki-vibes in me today, lol. He did some stuff for the Enchanted Tiki Room (and some shirts too - most people who know me know how much I like Disney's Tiki Birds!).

But first the self-portrait of course!

Oh!!! One thing I did get to do yesterday was go to the newly-opened Town Centre Market here in Celebration. It used to be a corner grocery version of "Goodings" (a cute little grocery, if a little over-priced and touristy, lol), but since they are opening a full-sized Goodings at the new shopping area at the entrance to Celebration, they closed it. So now some new people bought it and it's called the Town Centre Market. It just opened and is still half-empty while they wait for their remaining stock, but it looks great so far! I'd say 50% of their products there were organic or "health food" in general - all of the typical lines I see at Whole Foods or Wild Oats. Woohoo! They have a small frozen section there, and half of what they had in total was either Boca or Morningstar Farms or Amy's Organic vegetarian stuff - how cool is that? All of their produce is organic too - I bought a bunch of patty-pan squashes! I was very impressed that a tiny little corner grocery would be so focused on health foods, that's awesome. They had a whole aisle of organic cereals and stuff too. And then in addition to they health foods, they also carried an incredibly large selection of caribbean foods (more "Goya" brand products than I've ever seen in one spot!) which is also very cool, I love that stuff, and it's always cheap, hehe. And they added a small bakery where they make treats and fresh breads. Yay! LOL - it would have been really nice if this had opened earlier this month when we didn't have a car, since it's only a short walk down the street!! Ah well.

All right - I need to buy brushes, get to some more emails & order stuff, and then later today I'll be painting. Tonight we're going to watch The Incredibles with foxmagic - I still haven't seen it, and people keep telling me how much the girl in it is like me, lol, so I need to!

I'll post my webcam link when I start painting! I'm not listing anything new on eBay for a few days since I'm going to be out of town around Easter (going to Kansas City) and I don't want too many auctions ending while I'm visiting my family, hehe. I'll wait a few days so they'll end after I get back home!!!! >^__^
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