Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

If you missed out last night........

Hehe! Colleen emailed me some funny screenshots from when she was watching me on my webcam last night..... for those of you who missed out or can't view the cam, you might want to click below to see.........

Some shots of me painting:

And here's this one, LOL!:

..... I wasn't really tipsy (honest!) but the photo sure looks like I am, LOL!

And the best part - look who was caught red-handed DRINKING FROM MY PAINT WATER CUP! (Don't worry, it's non-toxic paint)........

Azrael! Bad kitty! I would have never known if it were not for Colleen's constant surveillance, lol. And here he is looking fat and sassy, thinking he's going to get away with it.......

Lol - those are too funny!

For more webcam hilarity (well, mostly kind of boring watching me paint, but hey - it might be fun!) you can peek in on my HERE! It'll be up in a few minutes - we've been out running errands, buying groceries, catching up on all of that stuff now that we have a car - woohoo!

I'll be working on and off for the rest of the day/afternoon/evening/night - see you all soon!
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