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ARGGGHHHH!! (And, um, new prints!)

Once a year, AOL decides to forget that I am a verified bulk mailer and disables my account for sending too many emails at once (ie, my MAILING LIST!). And once a year I call them, do the verified bulk mailer thing again, and then they apologize and I have to wait 24 hours to send it out again =P

And today is that day >__<

I just wanted to tell everybody that I had some new prints, etc. Geez! They apologized profusely, and told me everything will be back to normal and I can send out tomorrow. But I want to now, darn it! Ugh!

Especially since I've finally got a BRAND NEW painting available as prints! It's actually the commissioned piece you guys saw me working on (it's going to be a backdrop/banner for a tattoo parlour's convention booth). It turned out really cool and the client said they didn't mind if I sold prints, so here you go! I thought a lot of you all would like this one! And I went ahead and made them "sale" prints this week - click below to see.....

"Calling the Storm 8"x10" print
"Calling the Storm 12"x16" print

And then I have a special little two-print set for the ferret lovers out there!
"Two of a Kind" and my new "A Ferret and His Fairy" together for one low price!

"Wily Ferret Combo!!!"

And then if you are looking for "A Ferret and His Fairy" by itself......

"A Ferret and His Fairy" 8"x10"


"A Ferret and His Fairy" 12"x16"

Only the first few names on my mailing list received the update, but none of the others did, so you probably won't get one until tomorrow, so I thought I'd post it all here =)

You can see ALL of my sale prints HERE together.

Okay - off to eat some food and then more painting!
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