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Goooood morning!!

Last night foxmagic took us to Epcot! It was so much fun! It was also nice to get out of the house for a little while, lol. We ate at the China pavillion - yum! Then he even took us to the grocery store afterwards so we could stock up (not having a car we'd been just buying small things that would fit in the basket on my bike, lol, so we were seriously lacking) - we have so much food now, it's a good feeling! Thank you Brian!

I'm getting ready to work more on my new painting - somebody emailed me and pointed out that I don't have many pictures of faeries "in flight" so I thought I'd do one! She's going to be kind of like my Gothling #8 with all black & yellow stripes, and I'm going to give her some bumblebee friends. She's on a big 18"x24" canvas and is going to be so darned cute - hopefully I'll finish her tonight!!!

After that I've got a couple of commissions - one is going to be a very cool piece in the style of my Atlantis piece, with lightning and woad tattoos and cool stuff like that. The other is going to be a portrait of a woman who loves books and she'll be surrounded with my faeries & fairytale characters, books, etc. I will probably be working on them on the webcam too, so you can peek in on those as well =)

But for now, you can watch me work on the bumblebee fairy HERE!

Off to work!
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