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Good morning, good morning!

My heart is singing today!

I'm all done with my website, and I finally get to paint! I've been feeling almost sick to my stomach because I haven't got any painting in for several days due to the Site Update of Doom. Wow.

Don't know quite what I will paint but it will probably be cheery, because I'm in a GOOD MOOD. I'm sure Matt is too - I'm a complete and utter drag to be around when I'm in webmistress mode. I wake up and sit at the computer and then I go to bed and wake up and sit at the computer, no exception for four days straight. And I mostly just grumble when asked questions or interrupted. Not fun to be around.

I've got a couple of wonderfully fun commissions lined up too! I'll be working on those throughout the week - I'll double check with the customers to see if it's okay if I work on the webcam, and if so you will get to peek in on those too. One's a big giant 48" painting (wow!) - I'll have to see what I can do about fitting it on my table, lol.

But for now I'm going to start on a new original or two, and life is good =)

And tonight we're hanging out with foxmagic! It will be so nice to leave the house, hehe - since we don't have a car I've been quite the recluse. He's also taking us car-shopping in not too long - that should be fun. I can't wait to have a reliable vehicle for the first time in my life, lol.

All right - off to work! You can watch me HERE!
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