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The madness continues.............

Well, after about 15 hours working on my website yesterday I would say I'm between 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through. Geez...........

I really, really feel like painting too - it's sad, lol. I want to do a new installment in my Alice in Wonderland series, I want to do a new self-portrait for the EBSQ Show, I have so many paintings I want to do! Argh!

But no, today I'm just sitting staring blankly at a screen and being bored to tears =P

I'm adding lots of new prints and also updating ALL of my images to include the "canvas print" option, so pretty soon you can buy the limited edition hand-painted canvas prints of ALL of my paintings, right from my website! >^__^< That will be really cool, and will make it easier for the non-eBay people (since previously I've only offered a handful as canvas prints, and only on eBay).

I'm also adding a list with purchase info of all of the books I've collaborated on, and a store with my licensed merchandise and stuff in it.

So it's taking a darned long time to do, but in the end it will be worth it! Hopefully I'll finish it all today and will be back painting tomorrow!!!!! Sorry I keep disabling the comment feature on my posts, hehe - I need to catch up on everything!
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