Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Bright and early!

Good morning, good morning!!!!

I'm painting! A nice blonde spring-time nymph/faerie/whatever girl! (She's partially naked, so don't look if you don't like looking at naked blonde cuties......) - you can watch me HERE!!!

I will probably finish her today and then I think I will start on *gasp* the next of my Zodiac paintings! Honest! I think next is......Libra? I'll double check, lol - I'm going in alphabetical order. I really want to get going on the rest of those, if only to cut down on my email. You would simply not believe the amount of emails I get that say "Why didn't you ever paint Pisces" or "Why didn't you ever finish your Zodiac series" or "When is Libra coming out?" and even kind of rude ones like "Why did you paint "x" painting instead of finishing your Zodiac series?". Seriously - I get multiple emails every single day. Geez! A warning to other artists out there - if you ever do a "series" with a definite beginning and end, don't release the first one until you've got them all done or else people will never let you be in peace!! (Just kidding, hehe - it's actually nice to know that people are excited about it!!! >^___^<)

Anyways - off to work!
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