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=( Sad

I'm so sad! We just dropped off Kachina and baby Theodore at the airport for them to go home and I miss them so much! I got so used to them being here with us, it feels so empty without them. I see little things that they left here and it makes me want to cry =(

Oh man though, we had such a good time. We stayed in a cabin at Fort Wilderness, went to Epcot, went to the Magic Kingdom, went to Pac-Man Cafe, went to Winter Park, went to the doggy festival here in Celebration, went shopping, went to restaurants, went to more parks, went to the Biergarten, I forget all what we did but we had a great week.

And as usual, I've got to play some severe "catch-up" for the next several days. While we've kept up with the orders as usual, the rest of my email situation is completely out of control and I just shudder thinking about all of that I need to go through, lol. Aaah! I also need to do a major website update with tons of new prints, merchandise and a new section for books (I've already got several books coming out this year that I've collaborated on in addition to my own book of course - if all of these end up coming out this year it will be at least 5 or 6 books that I know of!!!). So I'll have to take a day or two to do the website stuff, that's for sure. Then a couple of other projects that are going to be incredibly time-consuming too. And then of course, I have a lot of new paintings to do:

*A couple of "special project" paintings (think "pinups")
*Some new "giant" paintings (along the lines of Atlantis and Ophelia, etc.)
*Yes, yes, yes, yes - the Zodiac will be finished. Please, I will let you know when I have them done - I'm not going to abandon the project or "forget" any of the signs, sillies! I'm going in astrological order, and I won't leave any signs out, you don't need to ask, lol.
*More classical themes, goddesses, mythology, especially Arthurian legend, Shakespeare, etc.
*And YES there will be more "artistic nudes" - don't worry, there are plenty more in the works, you won't miss out - I'll never get bored of that - figure drawing is one of my favourite things to do!
*More woodsy, outdoor settings (been taking a lot of reference photos)
*Other fun stuff =P

Tonight though, I will be catching up on emails and paperwork =P I'll be painting tomorrow though - I will post the link to my webcam as soon as I begin!



Click below for a special message to any of you who are new to my journal!

Hehe, I have to post this every once in awhile so nobody gets rubbed the wrong way, lol =) Thank you very much to all of the new people who have added me to their "friends' list" here at LiveJournal! It always makes me happy to know that people find me (or least my artwork) interesting enough to keep up with me here =) I love seeing new commenters and new faces here in my journal - thank you all very much!!!!
Please note though - long ago I had to make the tough decision to pretty much stop adding journals onto my own "friends list". It became too overwhelming to me and I simply don't have the time that I should to give new friends' journals the attention that they deserve. I barely am able to scan through my list as it is and keep up with the art business, painting, orders, family, etc. So for this reason I pretty much keep all of my own commenting and chatting right here in my own journal. Please feel free to comment (lol, except on this post - I'm swamped from my short vacation and need to catchup as it is!) - that's basically how I get to know people nowadays, hehe. My LiveJournal is how I keep in touch with new fans and friends and I pretty much keep it all here, and I mostly do this instead of chatting, IM-ing, penpals, friends-lists, etc. It's the only way I can keep up with people and let people keep up with me - I get about 200 emails ("fan letters" or questions or things I have to answer in person) each and every day, so I've kind of had to resort to using my LiveJournal like a public forum to keep track of everybody, hehe. Hope that makes sense! Please don't ever think it's just me being snobby and not "adding friends", hehe - it's just a policy I've had to force myself to do since I can't let LJ eat away too much of my painting time. So feel free to add me and comment, etc. - I will try to be entertaining - I might not have the most interesting journal here, but I sure provide a lot of good eye-candy =) Anyways - enough about that - I just post that every couple of months as a disclaimer to everybody who has added me in the past couple of months - thank you all so very much and welcome to my Journal!

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