Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Busy busy...

Let me see... what've I been up to...

I got a gallery up at Epilogue (a fantasy/scifi online art gallery) - it's like a professional version of Elfwood (where I had better update my gallery as well!). I'm happy I got approved to be on Epilogue - some of my favourite artists are there. You can see it here:


Check out the other artists there too - there is some gorgeous work on Epilogue.net!

Right now I'm getting ready - Amber is going to pick me up and take me to her house where I'm going to help her do some computer stuff (she wants to sell some things on eBay and wants to upload photos, etc.) which will be fun. I love helping people do computer stuff - especially if it has to do with digital imaging or eBay auctions =)

I put up some more small paintings on eBay late last night. Now I need to finish one custom piece and start sketches for another. I generally do sketches first for commissioned paintings so my clients can make any major changes before I get things set in paint. Lately I've been doing the "sketch" stage on my Wacom graphics tablet - it goes much faster than just pencil drawings, and I can rotate, flip, copy-paste, add colour, etc. as necessary.

I have Bryce 5 on my computer now (cool program - but I don't have time enough in my life to use it to actually create "art". I just use it for inspiration for my traditional acrylic paintings) and I like using the "Sky Lab" to generate gorgeous random skies. Sometimes for my own paintings I first sketch it in Photoshop with my graphics tablet and then throw in some Bryce elements. I move it all around until I have a layout that looks balanced and then I use it as a sort of "sketch" to reference when I actually begin painting.

Well I'd beter get ready for Amber to come get me!
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