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Szepasszony: White Witch of the Storm

Whew! Finally got her up and posted!!!


I love her - I wish you could all see her in person - I took a photo (no, that's a lie - Matt took a photo) of me standing next to her to show how lovely and huge it is - click below to see her........

"White Witch of the Storm"

Also, I posted the first edition hand-embellished canvas print of "The Fall of Atlantis" HERE!!!


foxmagic did a fabulous job spiffing up Matt's computer yesterday - it is running like new! Better than new even, he upgraded it to a newer OS, and it's running like a dream. Better than the computer I'm typing this on right now which is several years newer, lol! THANK YOU BRIAN!!!!!!

I'm so excited - my sister Kachina and my little nephew Theodore will be here a week from today!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

All right - I'm off to eat food, and inspect a bottle of cheap strawberry champagne that has my name on it..........

Good night, all!
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