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I'm back! (with a new auction, lol).

Hey Everybody!

Sorry it's been so silent on my end! We've been busy out with our houseguests - today we went to Gatorland! I'd never been there (the name really sounds like it would be the biggest tourist-trap ever created, lol!), but it was actually pretty cool - we had a lot of fun, learned a lot about alligators (saw hundreds and hundreds of them). Man, they have a big breeding ground for them with a raised walkway through it and the boy alligators were ROARING so loud! If you've ever heard an alligator roar, you'd know that's a very unsettling sound, especially when there are many of them doing it all at once, lol.

My mom & everybody have left for the airport now to go back home, so it's back to work for me! I'm about halfway through my new Mardi Gras painting - it is turning out really cool, if I do say so myself. I should probably have her all finished up tomorrow for sure, if I don't tonight. I've got a lot of email and orders to catch up on too.

I'm doing a little "spring cleaning" business wise (lol, I know it's not spring everywhere yet, but it sure is here!) - I'm re-structuring some website and eBay store stuff and thought I'd go ahead and auction off the original paintings I did for the new Aesop's Fables book! The book is finally undergoing production - very exciting! I've sold one of the originals used for the book already, and I've got two of the other published illustrations and one of the unpublished prototypes left, so I thought I'd stick them all together in one auction (so they'll all go together since they're kind of a series). So here's an auction for THREE original paintings together (normally I don't do that kind of thing, but this is a special case and I'm excited about the new book!).

Click HERE to see the auction for THREE original Aesop's Fables Illustrations!

And yes yes yes - I will be having some new print sales early next week for some of my new paintings (Atlantis, Belladonna, Elf Maiden & Dragon, etc. - don't worry - they'll be available very soon!). Hehe, you'll have to excuse me for turning the comment feature off on this post - I've got a lot of LiveJournal and emails to get through and I don't want to fall further behind, lol. I should be all up to speed probably by tomorrow at least, and with some new art to share with you =)
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