Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning...er...afternoon.....

I'm working on Queen Mab! You can watch me paint her HERE!

It's going to have a lot going on - so far I just have Mab herself painted in, but there will be a lot of plant and animal and faerie life in there too - ought to be pretty awesome......

I've been having fun with all of the stuff I got for Christmas - I keep finding things and thinking "Oh! I forgot I got that - how cool!". I got the first season of Home Movies on DVD and I've been watching them all with commentary - I like that show a lot. Matt has been out in the garage working on the frameshop - he designed and built by hand (with a regular old fashioned hand-saw, hehe) a kick-arse framing table that is going to be part of a very professional setup out there! I'm antsy to get the matting/framing stuff up and running - I really would like to start doing the conventions and festivals, etc. but I want to have prints matted rather than loose, if that makes any sense. I had wanted to do MegaCon here in Orlando this year, but I don't think we'll have it ready by then. I'm still going to go as a visitor though and "nerd it up" a little ;) I should definitely be there next year though, so those of you Floridians/Southerners might want to check out my booth - I'll post more info as the date draws closer (won't be until probably February of 2006, lol!!!!).

Geez, the Celebration Spring Art Fair totally snuck up on me too - I had Matt stop by to get me the entry form today, only to find out the materials are due in FOUR DAYS. And since the vast majority of work displayed has to be original (only a very limited number of prints are accepted) there is just no way I can come up with that many originals (since mine are pretty much almost all sold) and slides of them in that amount of time. Not to mention, they also require photographs of my tent setup, which I also don't have (d'oh).

In light of this, I'm making one of my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS to try to keep up with actually doing real-life shows and festivals, not just hiding behind the computer so much. I get asked to so many conventions and fairs and I just never do it because of one thing or another, I need to stop procrastinating.

But now, I'm going to paint ;)
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