Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! (Well, New Year's Eve at least!!!)

We've unpacked our presents - I got a lot of nice things this year! Lots of DVDs, books, incense, clothes, teas, foods, gift cards, trinkets, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Burt's Bees, oh my - lots of stuff!!

We had a nice trip to Kansas City - most of the time we stayed at my sister Amber & her husband Chris' house - they were perfect hosts ;) My mom let us borrow her car while we were in town so we got to travel around a lot, visiting, etc. We had Christmas Eve with my Mom's side of the family at her house, lots of cousins, presents, and good food. Then we had an early Christmas morning at my dad's house with my sisters and their kin, and then we went to my grandmother's house up in St. Joseph for Christmas Day with my dad's side of the family. Then we went to my step-mother's mom's (that would be my step-grandmother's?) house Christmas night for wonderful dinner with my step-mom's side of the family. The next day we had Christmas with Matt's mom, and so on. Lots of Christmas-ing!

I got to see the house my dad is working on (he buys old houses and fixes them up fancy) - it looks like it will turn out very nice. Matt & I went with him and my step-mom up to Omaha, Nebraska to go to the zoo there (which is very cool). We also went with them to the casino, which was a lot of fun (and I won $2, hehe). On Wednesday it was my brother-in-law James' birthday so we went to his sister Heather's place (she had a party for him there) - I actually went to her place many times, since she lives in the apartment under Amber's, lol. I spent a lot of time with my sister Kachina and her little boy Theodore - he's getting so cute and clever! We went to Ruchi Indian Restaurant with him - he's only 1 year old, but he likes a lot of unusual foods, hehe. Another day we all went to Sushi House and had vegetarian bento boxes (yum!). Another day we went with my Mom to Thai Orchid. So basically I've had an insane amount of delicious foods lately, lol.

Last night we stayed at my mom's house since she was driving us to the airport early this morning, and my cousin Annie and her husband Matt came by and we played Trivial Pursuit. Actually, I played a LOT of games over the last week - a fun one called "Apples to Apples" that Kachina got for Christmas, Scrabble, Uno Attack, Scattergories, and the awesome "Donkey Konga" (on the Gamecube) - I love that game, I think we might have to buy it for ourselves.....

We also went to a movie with Matt's mom - we saw "The Life Aquatic" which I highly recommend (especially if you are a fan of Wes Anderson's other films, like Rushmore and the Royal Tennenbaums, etc.).

I probably did a MILLION other things that I can't remember right now - it was such a crazy week!

But now it's back to work! I've taken my "on vacation" status off of my website and eBay store, and everything is back up and running as always. In fact - I have some BRAND NEW prints on sale!!! Two of my most recent paintings - "Gothling #9" and "Hamadryad" - you can see them here:

Click HERE to see "Gothling #9" (8x10 on sale for $10)

Click HERE to see "Hamadryad" (8x10 on sale for $10)

& Click HERE to see "Hamadryad" (12x16 on sale for $20)

All right - I'm off to catch up on some other stuff and then maybe watch a movie and drink some champagne with Matt for New Year's - I'm so drained from my trip!
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