Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!

I have SO MUCH to do today - I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my family over Christmas, so it is an incredibly busy day for me!

First, I need to finish this new painting I'm working on - it's going to be fairy themed piece, with the different phases of the moon in the background. Hopefully I'll get it done and up on eBay before we leave - you can watch me work HERE (in a few minutes).

I also need to finish up some last minute canvas prints that need to be shipped out today, and of course we need to get all the rest of the orders out today, since this will be the last day we can ship until we get back (which would mean January 1st!). Any orders placed from here on out will be shipped upon our return - we've got to cut it off sometime, lol. THANK YOU EBAY for finally offering "Vacation Services" for eBay store owners! Now there is a blurb on top of my store saying when I'll return, and a notice on each of my auctions is auto-added in there stating the same - huzzah! They even have an option to "pause" your eBay store while you're on vacation (that would mean I could actually take a long vacation some day without having to worry about orders piling up!). In the past I've always been worried sick about leaving the house since I get store orders every day and I don't want anybody to think I'm ignoring their orders, lol. And of course until now there was no way to "pause" the store without cancelling hundreds and hundreds of listings (and then spending probably all week re-listing them all upon my return). So this is a perfect solution for people who are going to be gone for a long time!

But of course, I'm only going to be on holiday for a week, so I'm leaving the store up for people to place orders as usual, just with the disclaimer that there will be a few days delay in shipping =) Same with my website. Feel free to order as usual - the only thing that will be affected is shipping (and you probably won't even notice the delay, lol).

We also have to pack up for the trip, (thank you Brian for keeping tabs on kitties and things while we're gone!), and do some last minute shopping, and aaah! So much to do!

Anyways - off to paint!
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