Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Happy Friday!

Things have been so busy around here - Christmas orders are in full force, it seems!

Hehe, no - the webcam isn't down - I just have it rather unceremonially pointed at the wall - I'm using the next day or two to catch up on some private commissions. I've been painting like crazy!

Since I'll be away for Christmas from 12/24 - 12/31 I didn't want any actual auctions to end while I'm gone, so I probably won't list any new originals for a few days, not until the 21st (so a 10 day auction would end upon my return). My website and eBay store will continue to function as normal over the holiday, just a slight delay on shipping until I return =)

So I've got a few days to catch up on commissions, get some book submission deadlines met, and a couple of other projects. I'll probably work on some new originals as well, but you'll have to wait until the 21st to see them, hehehe....

We've got a lot of Christmas shopping done - just a little bit left! ::crosses fingers::

Unfortunately with everything going on it doesn't look like I'll have time to swap Christmas cards like I did last year =( Thank you to all of you who sent us one though - they always cheer me up! Next year, I promise! (Maybe I'll do um, Valentine's or Easter or something, lol).

Let me see..... not a whole lot going on..... it appears that we've hit our "Winter" (which in our neck of the woods usually lasts about two weeks, lol, and would probably be considered "pleasant" in most other parts of the country), so our high temperatures are currently in the 60s (some low 70s) and the lows drop into the 40s. We had to turn our heater on overnight - we only have had to do that one other time since we moved here, hehe. It's kind of cozy though - I've been cooking in the Crock-Pot so it smells like coziness and we have a big cinnamon broom that makes it smell cinnamon-y.

If anybody is ever in need of cheering up, I suggest joining the baaaaabyanimals community. Take a look at the baby Fennec Foxes HERE - painfully cute! Makes me want to paint one, hehe.

Okay, enough rambling - back to work!!!!!
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