Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

How annoying (medical stuff, again - sorry!)

Well, I went in for my ultra-sound today =P

Unfortunately they didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but they also didn't have REALLY bad news either, so that's good I guess.

As the first doctor suspected, they did confirm that I have the cysts as part of my fibrocystic breast disease. They, thankfully, are completely harmless. Unfortunately, while peeking around in there they also discovered that I have a tumor as well =( It's a small tumor though, and the doctor (this would be the third doctor who's looked at me in the past two days - argggh!) says that it is most likely non-cancerous as it appears to be a specific kind of tumor (that is generally benign) that hides away in the milk ducts (ewwww - I hate being a mammal!!!!!). The general consensus between the multiple doctors was that I should return in six months for a follow-up to see if I need a biopsy or not. In the meantime I'm sopposed to keep an eye on it myself and if I notice any changes I should contact them immediately. If in six months there are no changes, it should be of no concern, but if it seems to have grown any larger they will do a biopsy and then figure out what to do from there.

They gave me the official "Probably Not Cancer" grade for the mammography thingy, but it still worries me a little. I was really hoping that I'd never have to worry about it again after today, but oh well - there could have been a lot worse news for me, so that's not too bad considering.

Enough of that - please - don't everybody worry about it too much - I'm not going to =P I'm going to do everything I'm supposed to and keep it all in check and live my regular uber-healthy lifestyle and not really think about it for another six months. I very much appreciate all of your kind words, emails, e-cards and phonecalls and everything! But please - no worries - I'm a very resilient person - I just wanted to keep everybody updated =)

ANYWAYS - the next couple of days I'm going to be working steadily on two commissions that I need to finish asap!!!!! It's a good time for me to do so anyways, as I don't want to list any originals on eBay that would result in having auctions end while we are out of town (it's important to me to be here at home and ready to ship when I have auctions running). Since I will be working on commissioned portraits, I will probably have the webcam turned away from my desk while I work for privacy's sake, but if I end up having time to work on any new original paintings I will post here with the link asap!

Okay - off to work!!!!!!!
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