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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hi everybody! (some medical stuff, nothing too gross, lol)

Thought I'd update - I've been so busy!

I will definitely be painting later on this afternoon - the Hamadryad piece is coming along nicely, and I've got a commission to finish up on as well, and some new canvas prints =)

I'm sorry if I've been a little quiet lately. I went to the doctor for my annual "exam" and also because I recently found a lump in my breast and I was very worried about it. Apparently I have a fibrocystic disease, and the lump(s) are probably just harmless (yet kind of painful) cysts, but at any rate I need to go back to the imaging center on Wednesday to get some ultrasounds or whatever. I've also got a bunch of good suggestions from the doctor (like trying to cut down on caffeine, taking vitamin E and evening primrose, etc. and also a new oral contraceptive). So - probably no need to worry, but I'd just like to get all of this taken care of. I'm glad that it is probably nothing too serious =)

Yesterday we went on the Celebration Holiday Home tour! Every year some families decorate their houses for the holidays and open their doors to the public and you get to walk inside and peek around and eat cookies and stuff. It was a lot of fun - there are so many beautiful houses (mansions, even) around here - very inspiring. We haven't decorated too much ourselves - just a wreath on the door and some pretty lights going up our stairs, hehe. We're not doing a tree since we're going to be in Kansas City for most of the Christmas-y stuff.

Right now we're going to go out to a restaurant as treat for me for being a good girl and seeing the doctor =)

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