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i went ahead and opened up a real Ameritrade account this evening. of course, it's after trading hours, but my orders will go through tomorrow at 8:30am EDT. i put $1000.00 in my account - i bought 50 shares of AOL (AOL-Time Warner), 200 shares of LNUX (VA Software/Linux) and 8 shares of HOTT (Hot Topic Clothing!). my decisions to invest in these particular stocks were varied. AOL is really low right now, at around $11 a share (in the past year it's been up to around $52 at times) and besides, AOL has been a happy influence in my life (that's how i met matt). i've always wanted to invest in Linux from the first time i ever heard about it, and they've got some big ideas on the horizon. it's also at about $1 a share, which is damned cheap for anything. and, well, Hot Topic (mediocre at $16 a share or so)because it's my absolute favourite mall purveyor of overpriced clothing. i wish being a shareholder would entitle me to a discount! i'm excited to see how it all does tomorrow - i think this could be something i could really get into. $1000 is a lot of money, but it's not enough that it would change my life drastically if i invest foolishly and lose it all.

i haven't painted at all today (bad jasmine!). i've got my supplies out now and will try to get some work in tonight. i went jeans shopping today while i was at Target buying soft drinks and i was annoyed by the current cuts and sizing of their jeans. i normally wear a size three in all of the standard brands, so that's what i tried on. for some reason it seems that all of the brands have this weird thing going on where the waists are several inches larger than usual (which is fine for hiphuggers, but these were full rise jeans!) which made them bunch up and make weird pooches out the front and back where you could see straight down when i was sitting! size ones were either too short or too small in the bum. i refuse to wear a belt with jeans, so i just didn't waste my money. i'll probably end up hitting the thrift stores, or maybe Deb or Rave at Oak Park will have something cool.
any ways... i'd better get to painting!
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