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Good evening everybody!

It's such a lovely day out, as usual - I have the windows open and I'm painting >^__^< I've got some WONDERFUL lavender incense that smallgirl hooked me up with - man, that is good stuff.

I've got a lot of stuff to do - lots of feedback to leave on eBay - I'm so slow at doing that sometimes, I apologize - it takes a while for me to get through it all, looking up item numbers, figuring out who paid, who hasn't yet - etc. I always get to it eventually though - thank you for your patience ;)

I have started a new painting that I feel incredibly excited about for some reason! It's freaking HUGE - tied with "Swamp Fairy" and "Starry Night Fairy" as my largest non-commissioned work to date! It takes up my whole art desk, lol - I actually had to do layout sketch on the floor O__o When I'm through I will post a photo of myself next to it to show the size, hehe.

It is going to be a new painting of "Ophelia" - the tragic heroine of course from Hamlet. It will be a more realistically rendered painting of her in the water, partially submerged with flowers strewn around her, floating. If it turns out looking anything like I have pictured in my mind, it will be beautiful =)

Now, it does contain partial nudity, so you might not want to peek if you are easily bothered by such things (it's incredibly partial, and completly non-sexual though, so don't be too frightened, hehe). Since the painting is so large though all you'll see on the camera right now will be a dark corner probably, lol, but I'll try to move it around from time to time!

You can watch me HERE

Thank you to all of you for your kind comments on "Shimmering Mermaid", by the way! I'll be going through all of my LJ comments later on this evening - you guys are awesome =)
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