Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Painting, Canvas prints, and other new stuff!!!

All right!!!

It's strange, it's cute, it's a little sad.... click below to see....

"Below Zero"

There's a brief description in there to fill in the storyline....

And now, I've finished some of the "first edition" #01 prints in my hand-painted limited edition canvas prints!

You can see "Fairy Christmas" HERE

And you can see "Pixie Cats" HERE

And you can see "The Star Child" HERE

And you can see "Voodoo in the Bayou" HERE

I also have some open edition prints on sale this week - the new ones are:

"Voodoo in the Bayou" 8"x10": for $10.00 HERE

"Voodoo in the Bayou" 12"x16": for $20.00 HERE


"Bed of Frogs" 8"x10": for $10.00 HERE

"Bed of Frogs" 12"x16": for $20.00 HERE

And I am also running some fun "print set" sales for the holidays! Basically two 8"x10" prints that complement each other well, sold in a set at a discounted sale price!

Sets of "Captive Fairy" with "Starry Night Fairy" are HERE!

Sets of "Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole" with "Alice and the Cheshire Cat" are HERE!

and finally, sets of "Spearmint Sprite" with her sister "Peppermint Pretty" can be found HERE!

Whew!!!!!! That was a lot of work! I hope you all enjoy!!! I'm going to tear myself away from this computer and go make some FOOD!
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