Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Work work work......and a little bit of play =)

We went out mini-golfing with foxmagic! We went to Fantasia Gardens over at Disney World - what a great course! It's based off of Fantasia, of course - the little mushrooms are there, and the alligators and everything - so cute! Matt got a 46, Brian got a 47, and I got a 55 >__< (par was 53), but that's pretty good for me really. I also borrowed some recipe cards from Brian (he has some of the official Epcot recipes) that I'm going to copy down later. It was a lot of fun!

Other than that, I've just been work-work-working today. I can definitely tell that Christmas is coming - the orders are sure picking up! I'm very happy about that (even if it's a lot of work, hehe!!!).

I've been working on canvas prints - mostly just filling orders, but also I'm coming out with some brand new canvas prints - I'll probably be listing them all tomorrow night. I'm hand embellishing a bunch of them right now. In addition I'm working on my painting of the strange yeti/walrus creature too (I know a lot of you were wondering what on earth he is, hehe - and to be honest even if you see the actual painting it might not provide much insight, lol!!!)
So I will be working on that on and off while I finish up all of these canvas prints, you'll be able to peek in on me as always HERE!!!!

And OH YES! A lot of people have been asking me this, lol - but YES I do accept "installments" for original painting purchases. For example on original paintings from my eBay store, as long as you can abide by my installment requirements you are welcome to purchase and pay over time (no interest, of course!). I do ask that you first contact me and get my "ok" though before bidding so I know to expect it, of course.

::EDIT:: Oh yes, if you are a "regular customer" of mine, that can negate the 50+ feedback requirement - just email me first ;) ::
Okay - off to work!
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