Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Year

We had a fun time at my dad's house last night. Daddy & Robin, Kachina & James, Amber & Chris, and Matt & I were there. There was an enormous quantity of food there - 8 different types of chips, 6 types of crackers, lots of cheeses, Wham (vegetarian ham - it's very good), cookies, candies, nuts, tons of veggies and dips, hummus, vegetarian maultaschen (like a German ravioli or potsticker), dried fruits, regular fruits - all sorts of yummy stuff! There were also lots of types of beer from many far off lands, which I didn't drink since beer = yucky. Matt didn't have anything to drink either, since Matt + one beer = drunk goblin! My parents and Amber (who all live there of course) and Chris (who stayed over I believe) and James (non-drinking Kachina was there to drive home) all had a bunch though. Later on though I did have some champagne, which was very good and tasted kinda like carbonated green apple juice (if they made such a thing).

We played a fun new board game that Kachina received for Christmas that was called "Cranium". It's a team-based game where you have to do all sorts of things like sculpt clues out of clay or draw pictures (like Pictionary), act out activities or famous people (like charades), answer trivia (like Trivial Pursuit), determine definitions (like Balderdash), hum songs (kinda like Songburst), and all sorts of silly things. It was very entertaining. We also watched some of the "Adult Swim" marathon on The Cartoon Network and had all sorts of interesting conversations.

Let me see... New Year's Resolutions I've got a bunch of them, but they're not very specific.

I'd like to start waking up earlier/establish a more regular sleeping pattern. I have a terrible problem with falling asleep very late at night (often at like 7:00 am the next mornging!) and not waking up until 11:00 am or noon. I have had problems with insomnia since I was a young teenager. I think it could have something to do with the fact I was continuously on Codeine for almost a year and a half during the years I was 13 and 14 (I had a lot of stupid asthma related health problems and hospital stays). My stupid doctor seemed to think that giving me codeine in three diffent forms several times a day was the way to deal with incessant pneumonia and bronchitis. So I was a middle school opiate fiend, lol. I stopped cold turkey when I started high school and I've had problems falling asleep ever since. Since I work at home and don't have any sort of regular schedule in my life, it seems that my body just wants me to stay up very late - it's strange. I've been hearing that regular exercise promotes healthy sleep patterns. This brings me to my next resolution:

Get more exercise! I already have pretty strict and healthy eating habits (on top of being a vegetarian) which keeps me trim, but I don't get enough exercise. I have a new exercise bike which I've started using nearly every day, which I think will help me out until I move. Right now, since I don't have a car and Matt's usually at work (and I'm not going to buy my own car until after I move), and it's cold outside, and there's nowhere nearby I'd really even want to go to walk around (or jog, or bike, and I live on a very busy street), I spend the vast majority of time in my tiny little studio. It's too small to do any sort of aerobic exercise, and if I jump around at all things start falling off of the walls and off of the book shelves and our piece of crap entertainment center (which will most likely not make it to the dumpster, let alone Florida) acts like it's going to fall apart. So - in the meantime I'm riding my exercise bike. Once I move to Celebration (which appears to be very pedestrian/bicycle friendly, has cute walking trails and has a considerably warmer climate) I'll have a lot more opportunities for outdoor exercise. We might even join the Health Center there - if it is affordable (it looks very posh).

My next resolution is to work even harder pursuing my art career. That was one of my resolutions last year, and I'm very pleased with the results. Over the past year since I graduated last December I've accomplished a lot. I now have my art as my full-time job (with no "day job") and have actually made a "living wage" at it. I think that I have very much improved my art technique - I honestly think I am a much better artist now than I was last year. I've learned a phenomenal amount about the business and technical aspects of being an artist - particularly the computer end of it all. I've expanded my website into a virtual storefront for my prints, I've got my new website that I'm creating from scratch in the works (I'm not sure when that will be up and running - it may be delayed until after I move), I've increased my web presence probably 100 fold, I've learned a lot more about scanning and digital files, all sorts of the "less creative" side of being and artist. I've signed two contracts for licensing my artwork. I've picked up a Canadian distributor. I've collaborated on a book with artists with whom I never could have dreamed I'd be associated (hehe - I can't wait until I get to see the finished project next fall!). I've worked very, very hard, and I'm pleased that I am starting to see some results. This next year I'd like to continue along the same vein. After I get settled down in Florida I will send my portfolio to Wizards of the Coast in the hopes of doing some freelance artwork (they are accepting artist submissions on a project-by-project basis for illustrations, Magic the Gathering and other card game pictures, book and game illustrations, etc.). I'd like to maybe pick up some more international distributors and a US wholesale distributor. I'd like to work on some more book projects. Matt and I have some ideas in the works for collaborations - I'd like to get some of that going. Most importantly though, I want to continue painting and increasing my skill as an artist and explore more themes and subjects.

Most importantly, I want to have more fun this year. Obviously moving next door to Disney World is a step in the right direction (for Disney freaks like Matt and I!). I want to have lots and lots of visits from my family - and I want to visit them lots and lots as well. As someone who doesn't have a set work schedule I want to fly myself and my family back and forth between Kansas City and Florida quite a bit. My dad & Robin (big scuba divers) have all sorts of fun ideas about taking Matt and I down to the Florida Keys and the Everglades when they come to visit. I don't like missing people and I don't want people to miss me. I want to be able to do some fun things by myself (when Matt is at work and stuff), like take walks and hunt for frogs and lizards. I'd like to take photos with my digital camera of tropical foliage that I can later incorporate into my paintings. I'd like to maybe make some good friends. I'd like to enjoy having a real kitchen with actual counterspace so I can actually chop up vegetables and make more fresh and healthy meals. I want to drink more smoothies from my Smoothy-Maker. I want to play more video games.

I have a rather good record of keeping my resolutions, so I'm optimistic =)
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