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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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depressed or something [Dec. 30th, 2002|01:22 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Ugh, I hate my apartment. It's cold out. All the trees are grey and the grass is all brown. There's a crappy drought going on here - we haven't had any precipitation for almost 50 days! The air is all dry. My neighbors are playing really loud music through our paper thin walls (I can't make it out because it's all bass - I think it's rap). Bleah. I really really want to ride The Haunted Mansion right now. So much it makes my tummy hurt. =(

With Christmas over it feels like I have nothing to do except bide my time until I move. I keep telling myself that things will be better in a few months. I know it is typically unrealistic to think that moving to a different city would solve ones problems, but since the vast majority of my woes are simply environmental in nature (ie, tiny crappy apartment, loud neighbors, cold dry weather, lack of Haunted Mansions near by...) I really think it will help somewhat.

Matt's off getting our van fixed up just enough to pass inspection (since the plates run out, well, tomorrow). We desperately need a new car before we move - I've been looking at the online classified ads - there are some great looking reasonably new (ie, made in the 1990s) Saturns - but whenever we try calling the phone numbers they generally just ring and ring and ring. I was looking at my Uncle Nelson's Saturn, and my Aunt Lisa's Saturn and they look like very nice reliable cars. I like my dad's new Jeep too - but I think that it is out of my price range. Any Jeep that I can afford probably has something desperately wrong with it.

Eh, I'd better go paint something.

[User Picture]From: smallgirl
2002-12-30 12:16 pm (UTC)

thats winter for you.

all bleak and bland. its enought to make even those really cheerfull annoying people get a little depressed. i know its hard waiting for life to change especially when its something you are really looking forward to. i also know that where you live really does make a difference. we have lived in our current home(which is not ours we just live here) for 1 or 2 years now, i cant remember exactly. it is a double wide mobile home that is kind of more like a manufactured home. there is lots of room and a fireplace and lots of light. before that we lived in this single wide mobile home, on the same land they just got rid of it and moved the bigger one over here. anyways the old one we lived in was horrible. i hated that thing so much i always fantasized about running through it with a sledge hammer and when i finally got to see it demolished it brought a tear to my eye. we had several infestations while living there: moths (inhaled one while walking into the kitchen one day), tiny ants, huge flying ants (rolled over on one in bed and it pinched my leg and made me bleed,also got one in a mouthfull of pop and it pinched my tongue), rats (had to keep the catfood on the kitchen table and make sure there was nothing around it for them to jump up on,followed a trail of blood from the kitchen to the furnace closet and found HUGE dead rat with no toes thanks to my kitties), there was something else but i cant remember right now. you had to manually shut the water off to do laundry otherwise the washing machine flooded the house which happened several times and made me cry a lot. something had happened to the pipes going from the kitchen sink so flash had to just cut the pipe away so the sink just drained under the trailer and that was just gross. the people who lived there before us were two really old people that almost entombed themselves one winter because they used a propane heater in the kitchen to heat the place but diddnt leave a window open for fresh air so there was this big burn spot on the linoleum that used to creep me out. but the worst thing about the place was this covered porch off the door on one side of the place. when we first moved in there was a long dead cat stuck to the porch. it looked like he had just curled up one night and died in his sleep. we called him fluffy because he really wasent, someone stopped by one day when we werent home and stuck a ciggarette but in his mouth so finally our roommate got a flat shovel and scraped him off the porch and gave him a proper toss into the sticker bushes. the porch was so rickety because the old man had built it out of irregular logs and wood scraps i was so afraid that thing was just going to fall over on me one day, and it blocked out a ton of light which i hated. i am much happier now, if i get down a lot of the time all i have to do is think about that place in tiny little peices and i get a smile on my face. hope this helps you feel a little better, i cant believe i told you about poor old fluffy but that is my life i cant deny it.
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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-12-30 01:34 pm (UTC)

Re: thats winter for you.

=( poor old fluffy.

our place isn't nearly that bad thank goodness! i'm glad to hear that you are in a better place now!

the only pests we really get are the occasional spider, which i always let outside so the kitties won't eat them. the cheap tiles are falling off of the wall in our shower (matt's going to fix that this week though) and sometimes a roly-poly bug or a millipede will come out from behind them. we're surrounded on three sides by earth (basement apartment) so we get all the underground bugs =)
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