Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

depressed or something

Ugh, I hate my apartment. It's cold out. All the trees are grey and the grass is all brown. There's a crappy drought going on here - we haven't had any precipitation for almost 50 days! The air is all dry. My neighbors are playing really loud music through our paper thin walls (I can't make it out because it's all bass - I think it's rap). Bleah. I really really want to ride The Haunted Mansion right now. So much it makes my tummy hurt. =(

With Christmas over it feels like I have nothing to do except bide my time until I move. I keep telling myself that things will be better in a few months. I know it is typically unrealistic to think that moving to a different city would solve ones problems, but since the vast majority of my woes are simply environmental in nature (ie, tiny crappy apartment, loud neighbors, cold dry weather, lack of Haunted Mansions near by...) I really think it will help somewhat.

Matt's off getting our van fixed up just enough to pass inspection (since the plates run out, well, tomorrow). We desperately need a new car before we move - I've been looking at the online classified ads - there are some great looking reasonably new (ie, made in the 1990s) Saturns - but whenever we try calling the phone numbers they generally just ring and ring and ring. I was looking at my Uncle Nelson's Saturn, and my Aunt Lisa's Saturn and they look like very nice reliable cars. I like my dad's new Jeep too - but I think that it is out of my price range. Any Jeep that I can afford probably has something desperately wrong with it.

Eh, I'd better go paint something.
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