Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Painting!!!! And new prints!!!!!

Oh man, it's been such a long day!!!!

FOUR HOURS of which I spent simply scanning & pieceing together my new painting that I finished, hehe. I love doing large paintings, but they are a bit crazy to scan in, lol!!!!!!!!!

But I am so very proud of this painting, and so very pleased with how she turned out - truly one of my best so far!!!

I've called her simply "Swamp Fairy", and you can see her here:

"Swamp Fairy"

I included a photo of myself next to it to show how big she is!!!!!

Since it's so large and detailed, I put her up in my eBay store, where she will remain until purchased =)

But of course in the meantime, I have listed her as one of this week's "SALE" prints!

Here they are:

10"x8" "Swamp Fairy" print on sale for $10.00

16"x12" "Swamp Fairy" print on sale for $20.00

And in addition I have my new Alchemist painting available as sale prints:

8"x10" "The Alchemist's Revenge" print on sale for $10.00

12"x16" "The Alchemist's Revenge" print on sale for $20.00


I'm off to fix up some dinner, and tear myself away from this computer for awhile.
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