Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Work work work......

We've been getting a LOT of work done today! I showed Matt how to prepare images in Photoshop for me to put them on my website, and then how to set up the shopping cart & purchase buttons for all of the new prints, etc. So when I actually start updating my site a lot of the groundwork will be done for me, which will be very nice!

The rest of today I worked on a big commissioned painting - it's coming along nicely, I'll probably even get it done tomorrow if I keep at it! >^__^<

I'm thinking about maybe doing a series of faeries inspired by different drinks, cocktails, wines, etc. I have a couple of absinthe faeries already of course, and I'll probably do more, but I thought I'd branch out a little, hehe. I sure like drinking a lot (um, er, in moderation of course), so I should give some credit where credit is due and pay homage....

Whenever I work on commissions I always get struck with ideas for new originals, it seems, hehe.

Speaking of commissions - I am officially "booked up" now for the rest of the holiday season. I accepted two last commissions today and now my waiting list is offically starting at the beginning of January. I'm just getting swamped! Along similar lines, I'm also going to (sorry!) raise up my commission prices again when I update my website this week. Don't worry - ANYBODY who has already inquired about commissioned work or who is already on my "waiting list" will of course NOT be affected by the price change =) This just applies for new commissions that will be starting at the beginning of this year. I almost cringe about doing it again, but it's either that or I will have to keep having a mile-long list and I hate making people wait (especially if it's for a birthday present, etc. and the deadline is too close for the waiting list, etc.). I don't like getting swamped like that, and I don't like having to turn people down, either!

Okay, back to work!
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