Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Yay! >^__^< The new router is working wonderfully, the computers are all functioning perfectly, we got all of the print orders out, got the important emails all answered, and got my sketch approved by my client, and life is good!

I bought a bunch of brown, yellow, and red paints (fall colours!) at Michael's the other day and have been in an autumn-y mood. I've finished a new painting (for those of you who have been watching my webcam, it's the one on screen HERE). I really, really like how it turned out - I used a lot of burnt sienna which just screams "autumn" to me. With Matt keeping the email/orders in check, and the orders sent already, I actually have time to paint some more, even!

I'm working on a commission (but it's a portrait piece and on a stretched canvas, so that will stay off camera), and I am also hoping to statt on VIRGO (yes, the next in my Zodiac series, lol). So it will be a wonderful day to get some good painting in!

Matt's mom is arriving on Thursday (she's visiting us!), that'll be a lot of fun!

I also need desperately to update my website before it gets too outdated, hehe - I have tons of new artwork to add =) It would be REALLY cool if I could eventually teach Matt how to do THAT stuff, ugh.

Okay, off to work!
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