Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Awful, awful, awful!!!!!!!

What an awful day! Today we got up early, with the intention of getting a bunch of huge print orders ready to be shipped tomorrow, and for me to get some other stuff done this morning, all before we were going to nymphie's house for a Pumpkin Carving Party!

But, when I tried to get onto the other hard drive where I keep my print files this morning, my local network would not acknowledge it, whatsoever. Still worse, when I tried to sign into my email, there was no internet connection at all. I opened up Internet Explorer - still nothing. Same on Matt's computer. We messed around with it for hours trying to get it to work, and (even though it might not sound like a big deal), it had me in tears. I have a sketch that I needed to email, and some very important people I needed to get back to in a timely matter, and the fact that I couldn't do it was driving me insane! And of course, we couldn't start on the print orders at all since we couldn't access the files, and so on and so forth. What a huge terrible mess. Eventually we called foxmagic over to see if he could figure it out, and within minutes he told us that we needed a new router and we went off to CompUSA and he got us hooked up =) THANK YOU BRIAN!!!!!!!!

It all works perfectly now, whew! What a scare!!!!

So now I'm finally scanning in my sketch to email, finally able to get the prints started, finally able to get the payments processed, etc. Geez! I can't believe how something so small can throw everything so far off track. We're probably going to be packing prints until late into the night now, with no pumpkin for us =( I'm very sad that we weren't able to go to the party, I don't often get to do fun stuff like that, and had been looking forward to it, and instead I had to sit here and cry and yell at my computer all day.

I'd better go catch up on everything now. nymphie - we need to go to Aladdin Cafe soon to make up for this!!!! And thank you again so much, foxmagic!!!
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