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This probably isn't going to sound like a big deal to anybody here, lol, but....


This has not happened since 1997. Literally.

kaokame - I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST ASSISTANT EVER!!!!! (Matt has started figuring out how to process my orders and mailing list and stuff and it is starting to save me loads of time).

Hehe, notice I made this post "no comments", lol - I'm going to savour the empty inbox for a few seconds more......

Let me see, all morning I spent taking care of old emails and training Matt on how to keep up with the order emails, paypal, merchant account, website orders, eBay, etc. Hard work! But now he is getting it down, it is going to save me an incredible amount of time in the end =)

I've got a sketch to do for a big commissioned portrait today, and I'll probably also start on a new original painting!

Man, not to go on and on about it, but it is such an incredible feeling to know that the email box is empty. I typically would have about 200 emails in there at any given time (sometimes 300) and they would stack up as quickly as I would process/answer them. Having an assistant to take care of it is amazing. =)

I'll probably be working in front of the webcam on & off today - I've got some things to take care of first, but you'll get to peek in on me HERE as always =)
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