Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!!!!!

Ah, what a week!

We took smallgirl back to the airport this morning =( I was really sad to see her go, we were having so much fun!

We went to Universal Studios, to Cocoa Beach, to the Magic Kingdom, to Epcot, to lots of restaurants, and just sat around and talked a lot too, which was a blast. It all went better even than expected, and I definitely want her to come back!!!!

I'm so completely drained now after all of that excitement, and now it's time to play "catchup" with everything. I have a painful amount of emails and other art/business stuff to catch up on (hence the "comments disabled" on this post, lol, my inbox is so full!). I can't believe how much everything piles up so quickly when I just take a few days off (and I still actually did a lot of orders & other work even while Alex was here!), it's almost overwhelming.

Please excuse me if I miss any comments/Livejournal stuff - I tried my best to keep up, hehe, but it got a little crazy....

I will be trying to get to all of your emails, etc. today, and I have some big wholesale orders and stuff to get out, so I'm just going to be swamped. I have started a new painting (actually, I started it to demonstrate my "techniques" to tigerpixieart and smallgirl while they were here, hehe) - it's a new Gothling! (Gothling #8) and she's going to be black & yellow in colour. I'll post here again once I begin actually painting, but I have a lot of administrative stuff to catch up on right now, so it will probably be a little whie =)
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