Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

More Training.....

Moving right along! Training is going splendidly - Matt is learning quickly! Now he knows how to keep the mailing list maintained, how to make the "printing lists" (which prints need to be made that day), the "sending lists" (which prints need to be sent that day) and the address lists & label-making. In addition he learned more about how to keep all of the orders straight and the payment statuses maintained (that will still take a few more goes to get it all down, it's incredibly involved, but it's going well!). One thing - attention fellow eBayers - this affects all buyers & sellers alike - Paypal has been wonky for about 24 hours and has NOT been sending out the "Payment Notifications" to the sellers! I've been having to log-in manually and record all payments received for the past 24 hour interval - the email notifications HAVE NOT been sending out - I don't know IF they will, but they haven't yet, lol. So any sellers out there might want to check their paypal accounts to see if they've received any payments (also if you use paypal shopping carts on your website - I had a few orders from my site this morning and still haven't received the paypal notices!). And buyers - you might want to send a personal email along with your paypal payment to let the seller know that you've sent payment, just in case. NOTE: - I have ALL of mine in order now, so no need to contact me, lol - I'm just mentioning it as a public service announcement for fellow eBayers =)

In addition, I've been working on some new and older canvas prints, and that kind of thing. We're getting really excited about seeing smallgirl and tigerpixieart this week!! >^__^<

The frogs in my yard are LOVING the new gazebo and all of our new plants - they are ALL over it all, lol!!!!

I'll probably be doing computer stuff the rest of the evening, but I'll be painting tomorrow =) I am thinking about doing a new Tattooed Fairy series! Some of you may remember (from a couple of years ago) my old Tattooed Fairy series! Kind of a sad story - it was based on a fan/model who had sent me a bunch of reference photos of herself. Then after I was most of the way through the series, the photographer contacted me and asked me not to sell prints of the series, since he was the copyright owner, and that the model didn't have the rights to the images, etc. etc. (I think he had some falling out with the model, hehe). It was such a cool idea for a series though, I'd like to re-do it completely different. Moral of the story: Models - be sure to always ask for joint reproduction rights, and Artists - ALWAYS be sure to secure rights for ANY photo references!!!

Okay, back to work!
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