Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I'm getting ready to paint - I'll be working on a custom painting first, and then perhaps another Halloween painting (I want to squeeze ONE more in before it's too close Halloween to send out!). I will probably offer prints right away too, for those of you Halloween nuts =)

The pink & black one I'll be working on first though is a custom painting though, so it's already sold =P

You will be able to watch me work on both pieces HERE!!!!

We went to Home Depot this morning and bought a ton of beautiful plants! We bought a gazebo for the backyard ((for those of you who know our house, it fits right over the big concrete patio out back)). Matt put the gazebo together yesterday, and it's the kind that has built in hooks for hanging plants, and tons of plant shelves to accommodate potted plants, etc. So today we picked out a million (well, dozens) of plants and are going all-out, hehe. We'll probably go back soon and buy some bougainvillea trees too (they couldn't fit in the van this time though). We thought we'd start off with landscaping the patio area first, since that will be relatively easy and inexpensive. The rest of the yard we haven't touched yet, hehe - we're planning on putting in some water features (fountain/waterfalls) and bricking in a little courtyard area. But that can wait =P Matt's going to be out gardening for a lot of the day, but when it's ready I'll take some photos =)
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